Zenvo is going to build a new hypercar

Zenvo is going to build a new hypercar

Jan. 30, 2018  |  Show

Zenvo has announced an intention to build a new hypercar, to be showcased at this year’s Geneva motor show in March. Parts of it are visible thanks to the images we have been sent thus far.

How do we know it’s a hypercar? Zenvo boss Angela Kashina reckons this third model – to sit alongside the TS1 GT and TSR racer – will delight “even the most demanding of hypercar enthusiasts”. So there.

There will be carbonfibre. It will come in a shade of red. And it’ll be ludicrously powerful. Probably.

Drupal.GPT.createSlot("ad-manager-ad-mpu_premium_1_narrow-862069eaf5", function () {var m = Drupal.GPT.buildSizeMapping([[[0,0],[[300,250]]],[[1000,0],[]]]);var s = googletag.defineSlot(Drupal.GPT.unitPath(), m.define, "ad-manager-ad-mpu_premium_1_narrow-862069eaf5").defineSizeMapping(m.mapping.build()).setTargeting("pos", ["mpu_premium_1"]).addService(googletag.pubads());}, null, false);We shall now seamlessly divert into a bit of Zenvo’s back catalogue, because we have run out of new things to say about this upcoming hypercar. Zenvo started off in 2007; a team of engineers and designers who wanted to build high-performance machines utilising Danish skills.

The ST1 came first, developed over six years and packing lightweight materials and much firepower, courtesy of a 6.9-litre supercharged and turbocharged V8. It had well over 1,000bhp.

A couple of years back, the ST1 became – not at all confusingly – the TS1 GT. And also it became the TSR. The former was a road-car - a review of which you can read below - the latter a racer, but both use a 5.8-litre twin-supercharged flat-plane V8 producing 1,102bhp. Producing power, it appears, is not an issue for Zenvo.

Zenvo is going to build a new hypercar

Only five Zenvos get built each year. So if you want one, it’s probably already too late. More on March 6…

Zenvo is going to build a new hypercar

Read Top Gear’s first drive of the Zenvo TS1 here, if you want. No pressure. You can also do other things. It’s your life.

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